• Open bar beside swimming pool with staircase
  • Close-up look of a gym equipment
  • Fancy ornameted healthclub with clean swimming pool and chairs

Health Club

The Linden Suites

Embrace a healthy lifestyle at our Health Club. The Linden Suites’ gym, sauna, and spa in Pasig City are designed to make you feel energized and refreshed during your stay. Our gym in Ortigas is equipped with a Kinesis machine that can provide you with multiple exercise routines. Skilled fitness trainers are on hand to assist you in getting the most out of your workout.

Facilities Location Operating Hours
Gym 9th Floor,
Tower 1
Closed until further notice
Indoor temperature-controlled pool and Jacuzzi

Wrap up a busy day with a quick workout at The Linden Suites’ gym or a relaxing massage at our spa. Either way, you’ll definitely have a great time.