Business is a pleasure when you can rest a little easier

The Linden Suites presents options for you to enjoy hotel living at a desired functional space.

All of our 168 rooms and suites combine elegance and functionality, and are equipped with modern conveniences including complete dining and kitchen facilities.

Business is a pleasure when you can dine a little grander

True to its name, Mesclun Restaurant and Cafe offers you a mix of choices from around the world.

Its menu boasts of the finest Asian, European, and Mediterranean cuisines, among other gastronomic pleasures, prepared by Le Cordon Bleu alumna and resident chef, Katrina Arce Kuhn-Alcantara.

Business breakfasts, lunch meetings, and work dinners truly become grander and more pleasurable at the Mesclun.

Business is a pleasure when you can soak a little longer.

Unwinding is easy at The Linden Suites Health Club.

It is fully equipped with a gym so you can keep up with your fitness regimen; a temperature-controlled indoor pool so you can go for a quick swim; a Jacuzzi hot tub so you can sit back and soak; and a poolside lounge for both after work and after-workout refreshments. Saunas and massage rooms provide a refreshing sanctuary where you can rest and relax after a long day.

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